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Announcing SQL Server 2014 SP3 CU2 and SP2 CU16


I’m gonna be honest, dear reader: there isn’t a lot of meat on these bones (and that’s a great thing, meaning this product is pretty darned stable.) In fact, there are so few that I can list ALL of them in one post, which is fairly unusual:

  • High CPU usage when a large index is used in a query on a memory-optimized table
  • Intermittent failures when you back up to Azure storage
  • Stored procedure output parameters may return incorrectly when called through RPC with PREPARE option
  • Non-yielding scheduler with a heavy use of prepared statements
  • Assertion occurs when a parallel query deletes from a filestream table
  • Power BI Desktop queries may fail in SSAS
  • Filtered indexes can become corrupt when rebuilt in parallel

Strangely, not all of these updates are included in both updates: that’s fairly unusual for a same-day pairing of updates on different branches. Either way, hit the SQL Server 2014 updates page and pick the branch that’s right for you.

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