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Get the Latest Bug Fixes and Enhancements with SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update 1


Microsoft has released the first cumulative update for SQL Server 2019, which includes several bug fixes for issues that have been reported since the community previews. This update is particularly important for those who have already upgraded to SQL Server 2019, as it addresses several critical issues that could affect performance and stability.

One of the significant fixes in this update is related to Accelerated Database Recovery. Disabling this feature could cause corruption, but this has now been addressed. There were also issues related to installing SQL Server 2019 on low power CPUs, which have been fixed in this update.

Another fix that users will appreciate is related to CHECKDB’s extended_logical_checks. This fix allows corrupt statistics to be detected, helping ensure that you’re getting accurate results from your queries. There were also fixes related to slower SSIS package execution and accessing temp tables across sessions.

One issue that users should be aware of is related to Memory-Optimized TempDB. Several access violation bugs have been addressed in this update, but users should be cautious when turning on this feature.

This update also includes several other fixes, such as resolving assertion failures for full text indexes on computed LOB columns, fixing worker stealing issues for encrypted databases, and addressing crashes related to data masking of user-defined functions. Additionally, a new DMV for external authentication has been added, which provides more information about user credentials.

For more information on SQL Server 2019 CU1 and to download the update, visit Microsoft’s site here: It’s recommended to keep your SQL Server system up to date with the latest patches and updates to ensure your data is secure and your system is running at its best.