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How to Attach Only a Database MDF

sql server consulting

For databases with single log files, the sp_attach_single_file_db stored procedure will work to attach the DB file and create a new single log file. The syntax is as follows: sp_attach_single_file_db [ @dbname= ] ‘dbname’, [ @physname= ] ‘physical_name’ Where there are multiple log file, the above stored proc won’t work. You can still attach this…

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How to Split a Database Across Multiple Files / Disks

microsoft sql server consultants

There’s a lot that can be said about what the correct ways are to split up a database over multiple disks, and on a windows system the advantages are fairly self evident when you consider that Windows only allows four (4) concurrent read / write operations per LUN. This article isn’t going to cover the…

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How to Manually Remove Log Shipping

remote dba support

Removing log shipping via SQL Management studio is as simple as un-selecting the log shipping check box under the database properties, however every now and again somebody restores a database over a DB that was configured for log shipping, consequently breaking everything and now requires a little manual intervention in order to get things cleaned…

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