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How Outsourcing is Changing the Way You Do Business

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Outsourcing, it almost used to be a dirty word, evoking images of offshore call centers. Thanks to the rise of dynamic work forces and increases in available contract resources, outsourcing has become mainstream. Not only can your business save money, it can now gain access to technical experts previously outside the financial reach of most businesses.

Why outsource

Put simply, outsourcing fills voids within your business, covering tasks ranging from administrative and financial through to specific areas of expertise. Instead of placing a salaried position to cover knowledge gaps, a contract service provider can be engaged on retainer or ad-hoc at a fraction of the price. Essentially, you are splitting your costs with other businesses who use the same contractor, pooling your resources to reduce overheads. It is a simple yet effective method of gaining access to different skill sets without bearing the financial burden alone.

What does this mean for you? As your business grows, the systems and processes you use can increase in complexity. So much so that your current support team may be insufficient to manage new issues. Training your existing staff is one solution, though this can be a high cost and time commitment with uncertain end results. Will the staff be able to handle the new responsibilities? Do you want an “inexperienced” expert looking after business-critical systems? Hiring specialist staff used to the be the only alternative; however, the high costs associated with bringing in subject matter experts on a full-time basis, or even for a large-scale project, can be prohibitive to all but the largest enterprises.

One of the biggest advantages seen in modern times is the advent of niche experts offering their services on a contract basis. No longer do business owners need to rely upon their existing knowledge base to cover specialised services, especially within the information technology sector. With an ever-increasing complexity, getting the right advice from experienced hands is more important than ever.

How DBA Services can help

As database administrators, we’ve seen all this first hand. Having been fortunate enough to work with industry giants such as Dominos, Veolia, Qantas and QSuper, we’ve put the same technology specialists and advanced systems of management used by these organisations within the reach of all businesses.

When it comes to getting the most out of your SQL servers, there are some things that your in-house system administrators just may not be aware of: issues that, without the right knowledge, can lie dormant for weeks, months, or years, until a catastrophic event causes the loss of crucial business systems and data. This lost data can mean business disruptions or even loss of clients, reducing your business’ growth and profitability.

So why not join the modern workplace and delve into the world of outsourcing? If you’re running an SQL server, then consider starting with a DBA Services SQL Health Check to understand your current position and highlight opportunities for server performance improvements.

For an obligation free consultation to find out how DBA Services can help tailor a support solution to suit your business, contact us today!