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Managed SQL Server Support

Increase SQL Server uptime and availability, recoverability and performance with flexible, proactive SQL Server management services.

Enterprise-Grade SQL Server Support & Management

Access to the same advanced systems of database management and administration services, as used by some of the Australia's largest, enterprise-scale SQL infrastructures.

DBA Services provides industry best-practice maintenance and support plans, SQL Server solution design and implementations which incorporate risk mitigation, performance optimised installations, high-availability and disaster recovery (where possible) directly into the environments we look install and look after. Ongoing management and monitoring supplements these builds to actively prevent issues where possible and responds quickly to the unexpected.

Our managed SQL Server services offer proactive monthly reviews of mission-critical servers, with options for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even weekly reviews for greater protection and complete peace of mind. We've simplified the structure of our managed SQL Server support plans, so your business only pays for the support it needs. Flexible, cost-effective solutions available - inquire below for an obligation free quote!

Specialist On-Demand SQL Server Support Access Microsoft accredited SQL Server database administrators 24*7, at a fraction of the cost of a full time technical resource!

As your SQL Server infrastructure often resides at the heart of your business and support a wide number of business applications, extended database server outages can cripple a business and cost thousands in lost productivity, revenue and even customer good-will.

Keeping this mission critical infrastructure online, operational and fast is what our SQL Server infrastructure DBAs do best. We actively monitor and review your SQL Server over time to look for any emerging issues such as toxic wait conditions, high-value missing indexes etc before these become business impacting issues.

We ensure that our SQL servers remain properly configured and optimised over time as the needs of your business grow and evolve, implementing any SQL Server performance tuning adjustments as required and ensuring proactive management activities such as capacity planning take place to keep your SQL Servers performing optimally with fewer outages.

Let's Talk!

We'd love to have a chat with you about your SQL Server support requirements. Give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced SQL Server database administrators to find out how our support solutions can help your business to maximise its return on your investment in SQL Server technologies.


DBA Services Managed SQL Support Services Our managed SQL Support services provide for unlimited SQL support across your entire fleet of SQL Servers, with any production servers that require 24*7 support and incident response, being included in our proactive management program.

Our Managed SQL Support services are geared at preventative maintenance, consisting of monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly SQL instance reviews that identify any emerging SQL Server issues before these manifest into business impacting problems. We look for things such as toxic wait conditions, storage utilisation (over time), review of the top expensive queries in the query cache for opportunities to optimise / tune transaction workloads all while ensuring the environment remains configured in line with industry best practices.

On-Call DBA support provides a 24*7 lifeline for escalation of priority support tickets which are reviewed by our accredited DBAs within minutes. Our monitoring an incident escalation process leverages the same system to ensure those servers which are under our management receive prompt and immediate support response as and when required.

  • On-demand, Microsoft Certified SQL Server DBAs

  • Unlimited SQL Support Hours, billed in 15min Increments!

  • Extended "Business Hours" support rate, 6am to 10pm Mon - Sat!

  • Simplified Billing with Comprehensive Work Summaries

  • 24*7 On-Call DBA Support (Applicable to any Managed SQL Support servers)

  • Enjoying Faster SQL Servers with Improved Uptimes!

  • 24*7 On-Call DBA Support (Applicable to any Managed SQL Support servers)

  • Managed SQL Server Support, from as little as 2hrs per Month!

  • Faster Time-To-Resolutions with Dedicated Primary and Secondary DBAs

  • Month-by-Month SQL Support, No Lock-in Contracts

  • Fully Owned and Operated from within Australia

  • Machine Learning Powered Monitoring Solution

The cost model we have adopted also prioritises simplicity and transparency. All our work is fully journaled in 15min increments and included in the monthly work summary reports. On-Call DBA support, coupled with at least one (or more) Managed SQL Service instances, makes your entire SQL Server infrastructure eligible for our DBA support services - noting however that only those servers enrolled in our proactive management program receive our SLA guaranteed response times.

For more information or an obligation free proposal on our services, please fill in the above intake form and we'll get back to you generally within minutes.

Specialist SQL Server Database Support Services Pay only for the support that you actually require.

While specialising in remote DBA support, DBA Services offers both on-site and remote database administration services, with support solutions including SQL server monitoring for health and performance issues, responding to problem conditions as they arise and continuously reviewing the environment for tuning and optimisation opportunities.

Our remote DBA service plans are geared at catering to any size or complexity of SQL Server database infrastructure, and provide businesses with a cost effective alternative to hiring costly in-house technical specialist. With our on-demand SQL Server administration services, your SQL infrastructure is monitored and protected 24*7, with experienced, industry accredited SQL Server database administrators on hand to provide your business with specialist support as and when required. You pay only for the support you actually need!

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Ready to benefit from a faster, more responsive SQL Server? Do you have further enquiries about our flexible support plans? Whatever the need, don’t hesitate to contact DBA Services. We’re ready to boost your business’ productivity with proactive, scalable SQL Server database administration and support services. We typically respond within minutes.