SQL Server techniques, how-tos and other random ramblings

How to update DB File Growth Settings for ALL Databases at the same time

SQL Server’s default filegrowth settings grow a database in only 1MB increments. For larger databases this can lead to additional and unnecessary disk IO overheads, as SQL continually needs to first grow the DB file before it can write to the database. Best practice is to set these growth increments to a more appropriate size…

How to Find the Up-Time of a SQL Server Instance

Your DMV stats are only as good as the amount of data they’ve managed to collect since the last SQL Server restart. To find out how long your SQL Server has been running, you can check the time stamp of the spid 1 using the following TSQL; [crayon-5c6933815f3bd698423540/]

How to Fix Very Large MSDB Database

The MSDB database houses your maintenance plan information and job histories (amongst a few other things). For the most part this should generally remain well under 1GB in size (normally only a few hundred MB)… but there are certain conditions where the history clean up task can get a bit overwhelmed and start failing, and…

How Healthy is your SQL Server?

Let’s not beat around the bush, SQL is complex. There are few “experts” out there that deal with the intricacies on a day-in, day-out basis and as such, there is a large portion of sub-optimal configurations in businesses today. Whilst this may not be a factor for small business, if you’re running a high-transaction database…

Surround Yourself with Smart People

Tips for Success from Successful People Love him or hate him, Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” fame is a successful person. Whilst his investment advice may not be to everyone’s tastes, we’ve always considered his advice to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you to be pivotal for businesses. It’s no…

5 Reasons NOT to Hire a DBA…

Hiring someone to look after your business critical data can be a scary prospect. Maybe you’ve managed to get this far without issues and can’t see the value. Maybe you have concerns over data security. This is not helped by common misconceptions that hold businesses back from feeling the benefits that an external DBA can…

When’s the Last Time you Serviced your SQL Servers?

When was the last time you looked under the bonnet of your SQL Server? We often have this image in our mind of software as a set-and-forget service, we build the system we need at the time and then sit back and let it do its thing. However, unlike a lot of software services, SQL…


Today we’re going to be getting down and dirty with some good, old-fashioned techno-babble. I’m going to be discussing the finer points of database performance to give you a better understanding of what your server is doing, and how it’s doing it. Let me just say upfront that this isn’t about quick fixes. In fact,…

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