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Remember SQL Server 2019 CU7? Forget it. Here’s CU8.


SQL Server 2019 CU7 didn’t go so well, and Microsoft pulled it. Old news. That’s so 30 days ago.

Microsoft pulled CU7 due to a bug involving snapshots, and they’ve fixed it in today’s Cumulative Update 8.

Or at least…I think maybe they have.

Because CU8’s release notes don’t actually mention anything about snapshots (other than a replication bug).

So I’m gonna be honest, dear reader: I have no idea if CU8 fixed CU7’s bug or not. See, Microsoft has stopped bothering to create KB articles explaining what a Cumulative Update is fixing. They want you to go on faith, and based on what’s happened so far with 2019’s CUs, I’m personally out of faith.

I don’t recommend that you install further updates to SQL Server 2019 until we can get a straight answer as to what the sam hell is inside these updates.

Knowing how the world works, somebody from Microsoft is going to read this, and say, “Whoa, we forgot to include the part in the KB article that says we fixed the CU 7 bug.” They shouldn’t be relying on some blogger somewhere to point out that they have blatantly obvious problems in the update notes.

Microsoft, c’mon. This is getting ridiculous.

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