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The Uncertainty Continues: Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2019 CU8 Amidst Ongoing Issues with Update Documentation


Microsoft’s recent handling of SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update releases has caused frustration among users and administrators. Following a bug in the previous Cumulative Update 7 (CU7), Microsoft pulled the update due to issues involving snapshots. Now, the release of Cumulative Update 8 (CU8) has left users unsure whether it fixed the issue, as the update notes fail to mention anything about snapshots, apart from a replication bug. This lack of clarity is frustrating for users who want to know exactly what updates are included and what issues are fixed.

The lack of transparency is not a new issue, as Microsoft has stopped creating KB articles explaining what each Cumulative Update fixes. This lack of documentation makes it challenging for users to determine whether they should install an update or not. The company’s request for users to take updates on faith, based on what happened with the 2019 CUs, has left many with little trust in the updates.

Without documentation, users cannot fully understand the impact of the updates, nor can they determine whether they need to take specific actions before installing them. This lack of clarity is unacceptable for enterprise database software that costs thousands of dollars per core.

Although Microsoft has since updated the CU8 release notes, the issue remains. There is still no link to a KB article explaining the issue with CU7 and why it’s so important for users to uninstall the update. Nor are there any steps on how to avoid problems while waiting for the business outage window to apply CU8.

The lack of transparency surrounding SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Updates is unacceptable. Microsoft needs to provide clear and comprehensive documentation, so users can make informed decisions about installing updates. In the meantime, users are left in a precarious position and should exercise caution when installing SQL Server 2019 updates.