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SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update 5: A Box of Chocolates


It’s here, and there seems to be a new style for posting the KB articles.

A lot of the bug fixes don’t have detailed KB articles, so they’re kinda like a box of chocolates.

Quick rundown of some of the issues:

  • “Fix:” Scalar UDF inlining issues – this KB article keeps getting expanded with each CU, but here’s the weird part: they’re not actually fixing the issues. They’re just disabling inlining in more queries. Hmm.
  • Fix: blocking may occur when Reduce Recompilations feature is enabled by default – I’ve tried wrapping my head around that title a few times
  • Improvement: TDE backup encryption setting changes – changes like this are a good reminder of why you gotta read every KB article now when you’re doing upgrades, because you might just have work to do even if you weren’t expecting it. Now you need to take a gander at your backup settings.
  • Corruption caused by shrinking a database – boy, they worked really hard to avoid using the word corruption here: “When shrinking a database, you may receive a database consistency error if the shrinking process encounters an IAM page that is the first and only IAM page. The symptoms may include assertions errors involving heapdataset. Confirm that you do not have any inconsistencies by executing DBCC CHECKDB after shrink operations. Applying this update will prevent future occurrence of this issue and not clean up past inconsistencies.”
  • Accelerated Database Recovery is not supported for databases using mirroring – I really liked the sound of ADR when it came out, but there have been some head-shaking bugs in this one.

I’m gonna be honest with you, dear reader: the lack of documentation on a lot of bugs in this KB – especially severe-sounding bugs, like the one about DELETEs getting false warnings about foreign key violations – I would probably hold off on this KB for a week or two and see if the community sounds an alarm about problems.

I’m usually a big fan of putting these updates on dev/QA/staging servers as quickly as practical to start sniffing out how it goes, but there’s something about this new mostly-undocumented release style that makes me nervous. But then again, I’m not a smart man.

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