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SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update 5: Important Fixes and Limited Documentation


Microsoft has released the fifth cumulative update for SQL Server 2019, and it’s been compared to a box of chocolates since many of the bug fixes included don’t have detailed KB articles. Some of the issues fixed in this update include scalar UDF inlining issues, blocking caused by the Reduce Recompilations feature, TDE backup encryption setting changes, and database corruption caused by shrinking a database.

There have also been improvements made to Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR), although the feature is not supported for databases using mirroring. However, some of the bug fixes have limited documentation, which can be a cause for concern, especially for severe-sounding bugs like DELETEs getting false warnings about foreign key violations.

While it’s recommended to install updates as soon as possible to ensure that you’re benefiting from the latest fixes and enhancements, it’s wise to exercise caution when installing this update. With many bugs having limited documentation, it may be best to wait for a week or two and see if the community reports any problems before proceeding with the installation.

Despite the lack of documentation, the fifth cumulative update for SQL Server 2019 includes several important fixes and improvements, making it an essential update for those who rely on the software for database management and analysis. As always, it’s important to carefully review the release notes and KB articles ( to understand the changes included in the update and determine the best course of action for your specific environment.

Overall, while the lack of documentation on some of the bug fixes in this update is concerning, SQL Server users should still consider installing Cumulative Update 5 to benefit from the latest fixes and improvements. With the community keeping an eye out for any issues, any potential problems should be identified quickly, ensuring a smooth update process.