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SQL Server Consultancy Services

Poor SQL Server setups can cause costly outages. Let our Microsoft SQL Server consultants help you set up. 100% Australian owned and operated. Trusted by businesses all over the world.

SQL Server Consultancy Leverage the Experience of Certified Industry Professionals, and make the Right Decisions for your Business

Are you looking to upgrade, consolidate or migrate your SQL Server environment? Do you need help in designing a SQL Server infrastructure solution that satisfies your specific business requirements? Let our SQL server consultant help your business!

DBA Services Australia offers specialist SQL server consultancy services that allow you to leverage our years of experience in SQL Server support, solution design, migrations, consolidations, upgrades and high availability. Our professional DBA consultants will help you to make the right decisions that will minimise downtimes to your services and mitigate potential risks and issues that may otherwise encounter along the way.

Our Areas of Expertise Through our SQL Server consulting services, we’re able to target our clients’ specific needs and requirements. Some areas which we can help include (but are not limited to):

SQL Server Infrastructure Design

Work with our SQL Server database infrastructure consultants to make the right design decisions for your new server infrastructure. Ensure that your storage, network are configured correctly, and your SQL server components properly distributed for maximum throughput and availability.

Azure SQL Migrations

Looking to migration SQL Server workloads and databases into the cloud, then our Azure SQL team will make sure that your migration into Azure is handle carefully and configured correctly for optimal performance, availability and cost.

Performance Tuning

While our Managed SQL support services already include performance tuning, our consulting services also make this available to clients seeking assistance with ad-hoc issues.

SQL Server Upgrades

Minimise the risks of potential issues or extended outages when performing SQL Server upgrades. As an SQL server consulting company, we’re well-versed in industry-proven best-practice SQL server upgrade methods. We’ll help your business transition to a better infrastructure with minimal disruption to your staff, customers and business services.

Health Checks

Our consulting services often begin with a comprehensive SQL Server health checks as part of our due diligence process. We review the entire environment, from the hardware layer through the OS configurations and into the SQL server instance in order to fully understand the entire hardware and software application stack towards collating our recommendations.


SQL Server Consolidations

In an age of virtual servers, SQL server sprawl is a common problem and costs business in terms of both licensing and management overheads. Our SQL Server consolidation services reviews your infrastructure for suitable consolidation opportunities that can save you thousands.

With the help of our experienced team, you can be sure that your SQL server infrastructure is properly configured, installed and maintained. Through our best-practice configurations, we’ll help protect your environment from costly unplanned outages that can arise from incorrect SQL Server setups.

Find the Solution that's Right for your Business!

At DBA Services, we fully recognise the criticality and costs associated with SQL Server outages and how these can impact revenue, productivity and even your business’ reputation. Our SQL Server consulting services help your business make the right strategic decisions and implement the correct solutions to mitigate against risk and meet requirements for RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective). With the right solution in place, configured properly and in accordance with industry best practices, can protect your business and keep your core database infrastructure not only operational but performing well.

With our DBAs working along side your infrastructure team, your business will be able to save time and money, while ensuring efficient business operations. We offer our consultancy services on an ad-hoc hourly basis, half day (4hrs) and full day (8hr) packages. For Brisbane based businesses, all services are available on-site and remotely. For businesses outside of Brisbane we only offer the full day packages on-site.

For full details on our packages, please see our service pricing page.

SQL Server Solutions Design

We have worked with some of industries largest SQL Server infrastructures to learn how best to architect solutions to meet the specific requirements of modern businesses. Our solutions provide a stable SQL Server configurations that ensure availability and recoverability in accordance with business requirements. For larger infrastructures we can also configure your environment with centralised maintenance plan management and policy based auditing to ensure compliance and consistency across your entire SQL Server fleet.

SQL Server High Availability

How long can your business withstand an outage to its core applications as a result of a SQL Server failure condition. For many businesses, SQL Server outages can render entire business units unproductive or result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to a defunct online order system. For environments such as these, having a correctly configured high availability solution in place not only mitigates the risk of costly service outages, but also ensures a higher degree of resilience in keeping critical businesses’ systems online and operational.

SQL Server Disaster Recovery

What is the maximum amount of data loss your business could withstand in the event of a SQL Server corruption or storage device failure? What if you lost it all?

Whether you require an “tried and proven” backup maintenance schedule that complies with your business data recoverability requirements, or design of a cross-datacenter warm disaster recovery solution, our DBAs can design a DR solution to meet your needs.

SQL Server Consolidations

In todays virtualised world, it has become too easy to spin up a new SQL Server for each application your environment. While convenient to deploy, this creates a condition known as SQL sprawl and can lead to costly licensing and server support / management overheads.

Our SQL consolidations services will qualify suitability for consolidation based upon key criteria, to provide your business with quantifiable data on a consolidation strategy that will save your business thousands in ongoing support costs.

Technology Refresh And SQL Server Upgrades

Whether your SQL Server infrastructure is approaching end of life, or if you’re simply looking at upgrading your SQL Server infrastructure to the latest platform to leverage new functionality – we have the skills and experience to guide you safely through the process of upgrading your SQL Servers. Our DBAs will review your environment for potential issues due to deprecated functionality or vendor compliance to ensure your upgrade path is handled smoothly and problem free.

SQL Server Security

In the world of data management, information security is a top priority for businesses who handle sensitive customer information. SQL Server offers protection through a range of security hardening options including Transparent Data Encryption, Column store encryption, Certificates and Security Key Rotation through to encrypted backups solutions.

We’ve even worked with a number of companies in assisting them towards attaining PCI DSS security compliance, so whatever your security requirements, we’re confident we can help.



Ensure the right SQL Server architecture is in place to support your business critical applications



Protect your Business with a Proven Disaster Recovery Strategy

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Safely Transition your Databases between SQL Server Versions.

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Understand your options for SQL Server High Availability



Reduce Licensing Costs and Administrative Overheads through SQL Server Consolidations



Enabled Transparent Data Encryption, Security Key Rotation or work towards PCI DSS security compliance.

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Ready to benefit from a faster, more responsive SQL Server? Do you have further enquiries about our flexible support plans? Whatever the need, don’t hesitate to contact DBA Services. We’re ready to boost your business’ productivity with proactive, scalable SQL Server database administration and support services. We typically respond within minutes.