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Microsoft SQL Server Health Checks

Our Comprehensive SQL Server Health Checks Identify Environment Misconfigurations and Performance Problems before these Impact your Business.

SQL Server Health Checks Identify Mis-configurations and Problem Conditions before they Impact your Business.

Misconfigured SQL servers can have a significant impact on the performance, reliability, availability and recoverability of your business’ core database infrastructure. Given the high cost of SQL Server licensing, it’s always impressed us to find how many businesses fail to properly configure SQL Server to maximise the return on their investment! Our SQL Server health checks also review and advise on issues with your existing patch / build levels, and whether your databases are configured correctly to capitalise on the latest SQL Server feature-set available to you.

Whether your company is growing and your server is struggling to keep up, or you’ve noticed frequent complaints from your staff or customers about slow transactions, DBA Services is here to help.

Our SQL Server Health Check service conducts a detailed review of your SQL Server infrastructure, akin to a Microsoft SQL RAP (although we’d argue ours is even more detailed), which looks at everything from the hardware layer including disks, CPU, memory and network, up through the OS configuration and into SQL Server itself and even into specific problem databases.

For clients who have elected to perform our SQL Health check as part of our Managed SQL Server on-boarding process, we’ll also incorporate remediation activities as part of our health check.

  • Review of Storage, Network, CPU and Memory Configurations

  • Review of DB Fragmentation and index maintenance

  • Review of Aged Statistics and Database Integrity Checks

  • Review of DB configuration; Advanced Options, File Sizing etc

  • Review of Database Recoverability against RPO & RTO

  • SQL Server Processor and Memory Utilisation

  • SQL Server Resource Wait Stats Analysis

  • Maintenance Plan and Backup Job Review against best practice configurations

  • Operating System & SQL Server Configuration Review

  • High level SQL Server Security Analysis

  • SQL Query Performance Review (specified databases)

  • Blocking and Deadlock Detection (specified databases)

  • Index and Index Fragmentation Review (specified databases)

  • Log Reviews (Windows Event Logs, SQL Server Error Logs and Agent Logs)

  • Database Files (MDF, NDF) and Log File Analysis

  • Database and Server Capacity Assessment

  • Review of SQL Server configurations for OLTP vs OLAP workloads

  • Comprehensive documentation of the environment configuration, issues identified and recommendations for remediation

  • 48-72 hours Performance Baseline Analysis (On request)

When Was Your Last SQL Server Health Check?

Our SQL Server Health Checks identify critical mis-configurations in over 97% of all reviews completed. Is your business at risk?

What We Look for with Server Health Checks


Environment Misconfigurations

We’ll review your operating system configuration (ie page file, storage, network, build levels), SQL Server instances (parallelism against transaction workloads, memory config etc) and any specific SQL databases (DB configuration, high-value missing indexes, unused non-clustered indexes etc).


Hardware Performance bottlenecks

While many SQL server performance issues can be addressed through proper environment and database configuration, our health checks also conduct a hardware performance baseline to establish whether environmental factors underpinning the SQL Server instance are a contributing factor. We track over 200 OS and SQL counters over a 48-72hrs (representative) sampling period to review such metrics as storage performance, memory utilisation, CPU throughput, network and SQL-specific counters what we’d consider to be acceptable parameters.


Security issues

Our SQL Server database health check-up also provide insights into current security mis-configurations, including identification of potential security risk areas and signs of breaches. Our health checks are geared at preventing costly outages, whether they are caused by a hardware problem, server misconfiguration or incorrect security configurations.



We track and analyse over 100 SQL Server and Operating Systems performance counters to identify any potential infrastructure based bottlenecks.



Disks, network, CPU, memory and operating system settings which can impact on how SQL Server interacts with its host environment.

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Review of multiple instance configurations and environments which host multiple components such as SSRS, SSAS.

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Deep dive assessment of SQL Server’s instance components including core SQL build elements to ensure the installation has been comprehensively installed and configured.

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Identify high value missing indexes, duplicate or unused indexes which create performance overheads and other DB internal misconfigurations.

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Receive a detailed report akin to a Microsoft SQL RAP, containing all findings and recommendations.

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