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Access specialist accredited SQL Server database administrators, for a fraction of the cost of a full time technical resource!

DBA Services offers both on-site and remote database administration services. Our remote DBA service plans are geared to cater for any size of SQL Server database infrastructure, and provide your business with experienced SQL Server database administrators at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house technical specialist, so you pay only for the support you actually need.

Our remote DBA services include on-call DBA support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! We also offer on-site support services in half-day and full-day packages, and a flexible range of remote support packages including our fixed price SQL Server health checks which have a proven track record for finding 98% of all SQL service mis-configurations. All our service engagements provide detailed work reports including any recommendations or remediation activities performed. Managed SQL Service engagements also provide monthly reporting including environment reviews and incident summaries for the past support period.

Scroll down to view our managed SQL support packages. For ad-hoc engagements we offer the following services at the below support rates. We welcome you to select your ideal package for the list below, or for any queries (pun intended) about which package might be best for your business, feel free to get in touch with our team.

  • Services Description
  • 24*7 On-Call DBA Service (Monitoring & Incident Response)
  • Ad-hoc Business Hours Support Rate (2hrs minimum)
  • Ad-hoc After-Hours Support Rate (2hrs minimum)
  • On-Site Support (Half Day)
  • On-Site Support (Full Day)
  • FULL SQL Server Health Check
  • Instance-Only SQL Server Health Check


Our business hours support packages provide your business with SQL server monitoring and priority incident response services over our ad-hoc client engagements. Our cost-effective hourly rates also take into consideration the scale and volume of work your infrastructure is likely to generate with cheaper hourly rates available in our higher packages.

  • DBA Core
  • 312

    $1 Month
  • 2hrs Proactive Support
  • $156/hr Support Rate
  • Up to 2 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report
  • DBA Bronze
  • 608

    $1 Month
  • 4hrs Proactive Support
  • $152/hr Support Rate
  • Up to 4 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report
  • DBA Silver
  • 1,152

    $1 Month
  • 8hrs Proactive Support
  • $144/hr Support Rate
  • Up to 8 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report
  • DBA Gold
  • 1,632

    $1 Month
  • 12hrs Proactive Support
  • $136/hr Support Rate
  • Up to 12 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report
  • DBA Platinum
  • 2,560

    $1 Month
  • 20hrs Proactive Support
  • $128/hr Support Rate
  • Up to 20 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report


Need 24*7 support coverage? Boost any standard support package with our on-call / pager escalation service for just $199 (ex-GST) , and keep your business protected 24hrs a day, 7 days a week!

  • DBA Core+
  • 511

    $1 Month
  • 2hrs Proactive Support
  • $156/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • $281/hr (P1 Support & After-Hours Rate)
  • Up to 2 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report
  • DBA Bronze+
  • 807

    $1 Month
  • 4hrs Proactive Support
  • $152/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • $274/hr (P1 Support & After-Hours Rate)
  • Up to 4 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report
  • DBA Silver+
  • 1,351

    $1 Month
  • 8hrs Proactive Support
  • $144/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • $259/hr (P1 Support & After-Hours Rate)
  • Up to 8 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report
  • DBA Gold+
  • 1,831

    $1 Month
  • 12hrs Proactive Support
  • $136/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • $245/hr (P1 Support & After-Hours Rate)
  • Up to 12 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report
  • DBA Platinum+
  • 2,759

    $1 Month
  • 20hrs Proactive Support
  • $128/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • $230/hr (P1 Support & After-Hours Rate)
  • Up to 20 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report

Flexible SQL Server Support Plans, for any size Business or Enterprise!

What are customers are saying about us!


We are so glad to have you working with us – you have no idea how grateful we are to have you looking after our DB’s, and we really appreciate the way you just deal with everything we throw at you! Here’s to another year of trouble free DB’s!

William Buchanan

DBA Services do what they say they will: they look after your SQL databases. They do it in an unfussy way. They are bold enough to be decisive but respectful enough to consult you as needs must. They are a key component of our IT strategy. The first official workday of the year is the perfect day to write this email because I have enjoyed an unworried Xmas because I knew we were in safe hands.

Peter Moore

DBA Services was selected to provided GMH Systems Pty Ltd with SQL consulting services. The initial brief was to review and make recommendations on our SQL Server infrastructure and assist in achieving best industry practice in this area. To date Sia Shamsia our DBA Services consultant has proven to very knowledgeable and professional providing outstanding service and assistance. We have now extended our brief to include security and ongoing maintenance services across all our servers. We would not hesitate to recommend DBA Services to any company large or small that requires professional services delivered to the highest quality.

Graeme Andrew
Rental Car Manager

In my previous role at QSuper, Sia Shamsai provide DBA services in support of a major 24x7 business application. Over the 4+ years that we worked together I received excellent service. He was particularly knowledgeable in monitoring, maintenance and diagnostic work. As demand for the system grew, Sia helped to scale the DB infrastructure to provide best performance. I would strongly recommend Sia to anyone seeking someone with excellent DBA skills, up to and including enterprise-level infrastructure.

Russel Dickenson

Highly recommended for SQL consulting and support services for enterprise or smaller scale solutions.

Jonathan Burke

I would regard DBA services as a superior provider of Database services. They demonstrate exceptional professionalism and are truly focused on your business outcome. They are a sensational team. DBA Services P/L continues to be an excellent service provider with superb problem solving and solution creation talent.

Steve Anable

I have worked closely with Sia on numerous SQL projects over the years and have not found anyone that could surpass his knowledge and creativeness with SQL.

Alison Woolfrey

DBA Services have provided exceptional service on short notice during critical client disaster scenarios. Their in-depth knowledge of MSSQL performance tuning and HA design kept services running while providing recommendations for short and long term infrastructure improvements. I highly recommend them.

Bill Vanderent

Excellent enterprise-grade database services. I would not look anywhere else for in-depth SQL consulting, replication, high availability or troubleshooting services. DBA Services assisted with improving the database performance and resilience for a major ERP project of ours. Highly recommended.

David Levi

DBA Services are a pleasure to work with. Their Microsoft SQL knowledge is second to none. I would recommend them to any company looking for strong SQL admin and/or development capabilities.

Peter Ross

DBA Services have saved the day for us many times over. The service we have received from them has been first class - nothing is a problem for them, and they have proved time and time again that they have a deep understanding of DBs. Highly recommended!

William Buchanan

I was in deep trouble with a pour performing DB and a looming deadline. I contacted DBA Services via the contact form on their web site. I had an email from them within 15 minutes, and was talking to them shortly after. They understood my problem immediately,and had the problem solved within 20 minutes. My experience was first class. DBA are highly recommended.

Gary Cox

We engaged DBA Services to assist us with our PCI Compliance. Sia and his team provided excellent service, pitched directly to our needs in a timely fashion and at a competitive price. There really isn't anything else I could have asked from them. Sia especially seems to understand our position and approached the work as if we'd had a long term relationship with his company already. His willingness to help us where he could was greatly appreciated and we'll be going back as a result

Paul Twomey

DBA Services were recommended to us to assist with setting up replicated SQL Servers. Not only was this done quickly and efficiently, each step of the process was explained in clear English and fully documented. Sia also provided general tips and suggestions on using SQL. We would have no hesitation in recommending DBA Services.

James Organ

DBA are the best Database professionals in the business. We have had years of excellent service from the team.

Anthony Gavin

DBA Services provide AccountAbility with professional, timely and practical advice and service in optimizing the configuration of our web and database servers in Australia and the UK. Their work is of high quality, but still represents great value for money. They have exceeded our expectations

Terry McMillan
DBA Services

Professional SQL Server Database Administration Services, because we believe every business deserves to have a specialist DBA.

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