Performance ● Support ● Availability Managed SQL Server Support Plans

Increase SQL Server Uptime and Availability, Recoverability and Performance!

Specialist On-Demand SQL Server Support Access specialist accredited SQL Server database administrators, for a fraction of the cost of a full time technical resource!

DBA Services offers both on-site and remote database administration services. Our remote DBA service plans are geared to cater for any size of SQL Server database infrastructure, and provide your business with experienced SQL Server database administrators at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house technical specialist, so you pay only for the support you actually need.

Our remote DBA services include 24*7*365 on-call DBA support, flexible remote DBA support packages and our satisfaction-guaranteed fixed price SQL Server health checks which have a proven success rate for identifying problem SQL Server mis-configurations.

All our service engagements include detailed work reports including recommendations and remediation activities performed. Managed SQL Service engagements also provide monthly reporting including environment reviews and work summaries on all activities undertaken during the past support cycle.

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24x7x365 Managed SQL Server Support

All Managed SQL services plans offer no lock-in contracts, flexible support hours which can easily be scaled up and down as needed, with additional hours calculated at the standard plan rates, and surplus hours carried over into the following month's support.

Priority (P1) support activities are calculated at 1.8x the standard support rate. After hours rates calculated at 1.4x (6pm - 11pm) and 1.8x (11pm - 6am) the plan rate - however we're not militant about our after-hours rates and our DBA's will often elect to help our their clients out at the standard rates!   *Prices are listed ex-GST (AUD) for our international clients.


$3,449 exGST/pm
  • 20hrs Proactive Support
  • $163/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • Up to 20 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report


$2,224 exGST/pm
  • 12hrs Proactive Support
  • $169/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • Up to 12 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report


$1,599 exGST/pm
  • 8hrs Proactive Support
  • $175/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • Up to 8 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report


$924 exGST/pm
  • 4hrs Proactive Support
  • $181/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • Up to 4 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report


$574 exGST/pm
  • 2hrs Proactive Support
  • $188/hr (Business Hours Rate)
  • Up to 2 SQL Instances
  • Monthly Incident Report

Ad-Hoc SQL Server Support Services

Perfectly suited for short term engagements which do not require any ongoing SQL Server support services. Please note that Managed SQL Services clients gain access to a significantly reduced support rate, SLA response times and priority support to ad-hoc engagements.


Comprehensive SQL Server Health Check
Ad-hoc Business Hours Support (2hrs minimum)
Ad-hoc After-Hours Support 6pm - 11pm (2hrs minimum)
Ad-hoc After-Hours Support 11pm - 6am (2hrs minimum)
On-Site Support (Half Day)
On-Site Support (Full Day)


$250 / Hour
$350 / Hour
$450 / Hour

SQL Server Project Support

Our SQL Server project support options are non-SLA bound blocks of support hours which provide for longer utilisation periods at our best hourly support rate.


Block of 20 Support Hours.3 Months$4,801 $3,250 ex-GST (Save $1,551)
Block of 40 Support Hours.6 Months$9,801 $6,027 ex-GST (Save $3,773)
Block of 60 Support Hours.8 Months$14,801 $9,140 ex-GST (Save $5,660)
Block of 80 Support Hours.10 Months$19,801 $12,253 ex-GST (Save $7,547)
Block of 100 Support Hours.12 Months$24,801 $15,366 ex-GST (Save $9,434)


$3,250 ex-GST
$6,072 ex-GST
$9,140 ex-GST
$12,253 ex-GST
$15,366 ex-GST

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