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The Update for Lovers: SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update 2


Hugs and kisses, sweetheart: Microsoft got you something special for Valentine’s Day. I’ll wait here while you slip into something more comfortable.

Like a chocolate box, the first cumulative update for a new version is always chock full of nuts, and SQL Server 2019 CU1 lived up to that. Now it’s time for Cumulative Update 2, and this one’s even more adventurous. It includes fixes like:

And I skipped a lot of bug fixes. If you’re running 2019 even in a development environment, this CU is a big deal.

Download SQL 2019 CU2 here.

If you’re trying to decide whether now it’s safe to test the waters with SQL Server 2019 altogether, this is a tougher call for me. We’re still at the point where serious, serious bugs are being found and fixed every 30 days. I don’t think this is any worse than prior releases, but this list of bugs is just a good reminder as to why you don’t really wanna jump on a brand new release within the first 60-90 days of it going live. There be serious danger here.

So, what’d you get me? Ooo, fur-lined handcuffs! I’ll go put on the Barry White.

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