Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Response Time To Emergency Support?

Our emergency support services target a 15 minute response time once the priority support package has been purchase.

Can I Buy A Bucket Of Support Hours?

We offer "bucket of hours" packages for project based engagements only. Bucket of hours can be purchased in 10, 20, 50 and 100 hour blocks.

What Response Times Can We Expect With Bucket Of Hours Support?

As our "Bucket of hours" services are geared at project based engagements, we do not offer any service level guarantees on response times (as there wouldn't normally be any incidents taking place in a project). As such, response times are typically within 2-4 hours of the request being received

What Happens If We Go Over Our Packages Support Hours?

Additional support hours will be charged at the packaged hourly rate, and invoiced upon the completion of your support cycle (generally monthly).

What Happens If We Don't Consume All The Packaged Support Hours?

For ad-hoc and emergency support engagements there is a 2 hour minimum engagement fee. No credit is given on ad-hoc engagements.
For our managed SQL services clients, if the allotment of included support hours is not fully consumed then at our discretion we will either credit this towards the next cycle of support work, or extend your support cycle until such time that the support hours are fully consumed. Often if a surplus exists, we will typically put this towards additional proactive tasks such as running a performance baseline within the environment to provide additional insights into your SQL Server environment's health.

Can We Buy Hours And Have Them On Standby?

Officially we do not offer the ability to pre-purchase support hours without consuming these within a prescribed time frame, however there are certain business considerations which may allow for this (for instance, extended procurement processes). Please contact us to see if your circumstances qualify and find out what conditions surround this.

Do Support Hours Expire If Not Used Within A Certain Time Frame?

Our support packages and service engagements unfortunately do not provide for unlimited "standby" and will have non-refundable expiration periods. Ad-hoc support and Emergency support engagements, once purchased, must be consumed within 30 days. "Bucket of Hours" support expiration will depend upon the number of hours purchased; 200 hour buckets expire within 12 months, 100 hour buckets expire within 6 months, 50 hour buckets within 3 months, 20 hours within 2 months and 10 hours within 1 month from the date of purchase. Unlike ad-hoc engagements, our Managed SQL Server packages provide our clients with a greater degree of flexibility around unused support hours. At our discretion, we may opt to either extend the support cycle duration (from monthly to mid-monthly) or we may choose to provide a credit in support hours towards the next cycle of work.


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