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SQL Server Database Administration Services

Get more from your investment in SQL Server!

DBA Services Comprehensive SQL Server Database Administration Services


DBA Services' preferred operating model is to be looked upon as being a natural extension to your existing infrastructure support team, and as an escalation point for in-house DBAs on any SQL Server infrastructure related issues.

We recognises that many organisations will have Microsoft systems administrators to look after a client's infrastructure, but often can't justify the costs associated with having a dedicated SQL Server specialist on hand. This gap in support can expose a business to serious risks of unrecognised data corruption, data loss, lost productivity due to slow performing databases and at its worst, costly unplanned outages if SQL server matters aren't attended to and resolved quickly.

For businesses who already have an existing SQL Server DBA, our support model works hand-in-hand with existing DBAs (we love our own kind), and can provide them with an additional escalation point and also help to manage work overflows, and provide coverage while they're on leave.

And with managed SQL support plans starting from as little as $537ex-GST, ensuring your SQL servers are protected 24*7*365 has never been more cost effective!


If your business develops software solutions for customers that rely on SQL Servers then our SQL support services are the perfect partnership to ensure that your clients' SQL Servers get configuration correctly, are properly optimised for your solution to keep things running fast, while also ensuring requirements for recover-ability and availability are also met.

DBA Services offers comprehensive SQL Server installation services that compliment your software offering through appropriate index maintenance and backup configurations, monitoring and alerting on issues and can even lock down SQL environments to ensure only your development team has the required access to manage the SQL instance that supports your software.

All too often we find great software solutions that back onto un-maintained SQL Servers, which impacts the performance of the application and reflects poorly on your business - something which all too easily can be avoided.

Pay Only For The Services You Need! Access Certified Data Platform Specialists from as little as $17 per day!

Our specialist DBAs offer a cost-effective alternative to in-house resourcing, with the peace of mind that your company’s data and business systems are managed by specialists.

Most businesses cannot justify employing a specialist database administrator, and often compromise by hiring systems administrators who know how to restore a database. This often leads to SQL Server misconfigurations that can hurt a business through slow performance and potentially costly outages.

  • Enjoy Great Performance from your SQL Databases

  • Specialist DBAs respond to SQL incidents and maintenance task failures

  • Leverage experience of DBAs who've looked after some of the largest SQL infrastructures in Australia

  • Proactive SQL managed services for more uptime and greater performance.

SQL Services around Database Administration

A SQL Server administrator brings much more to the table than just performing new SQL installations (which most non-DBAs fail to provision correctly) and ensuring that your SQL backups complete successfully. Sure, backups and making sure that your SQL infrastructure is recoverable is possibly the most critical aspect, the skill set of your DBA extends far beyond this.

DBA’s speak the language of both your database developers, as well as your infrastructure team and are the ultimate mediators / translators in the ongoing war between dev and ops. DBAs can diagnose specific transaction workloads to identify where the SQL compiler is struggling, whether that’s due to a missing index or if there is an underlying infrastructure bottleneck which needs to be addressed. The DBA can relay this information using hard-statistics so there’s no more finger pointing between developers who say infrastructure is slow, and sys-admins who blame a developers dodgy code.

SQL Server Health Checks Identify risks in your SQL Server infrastructure before they become a costly outage to your business!

Our SQL Server Health checks comprehensively review your SQL Server infrastructure against industry best practices and provide you with a detailed report containing both our findings and recommendations. For our full health check service (vs instance only health checks) we also include a 48 hour performance baseline to help identify any potential infrastructure bottlenecks that could be impacting on your SQL Server’s performance.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Get the most out of your SQL Server investment through our Performance Tuning services.

SQL Server’s decay curve is not graceful, so it’s important to ensure that potential performance bottlenecks are identified and addressed before they start to impact on your business’ operations. Our performance tuning services review SQL Server’s critical performance metrics to identify any resource bottlenecks that may exist at the hardware layer, top wait conditions and expensive queries taking place within the environment as well as comprehensively review specific problem databases for missing indexes, over-indexing, index maintenance, locking conditions and much

SQL Server Managed Services Our virtual DBA service provides your business with fast response specialist SQL Server DBA support at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource.

Our SQL Server Health checks comprehensively review your SQL Server infrastructure against industry best practices and provide you with a detailed report containing both our findings and recommendations. For our full health check service (vs instance only health checks) we also include a 48 hour performance baseline to help identify any potential infrastructure bottlenecks that could be impacting on your SQL Server’s performance.

SQL Server Monitoring & Incident Response Specialist Database Administrators monitoring and incident response for under $12 per day!

Having a full-time DBA on staff can cost your business upwards of $10K per month, which can be quite an overhead for smaller businesses housing only a conservative fleet of SQL servers. Through our On-Call DBA Service, your business will have Microsoft certified and experienced database administrators on hand to monitor your environment and respond to any incidents quickly, before these escalate to become a costly impact to your business.

Emergency SQL Server Support Need SQL Server Help FAST?

DBA Services offers an emergency support service where you can quickly and easily purchase emergency response services. Purchased support provides your business with 2 hours support service which is escalated immediately to our on-call DBA any time, 24*7. You can expect a call from one of our DBAs from as quickly as 15minutes to help assist you with your SQL Server issue.

SQL Server Consultancy

Got plans to design, migrate, consolidate, or upgrade your SQL Server infrastructure? Consult with us.

With decades of experience, our consultants have helped many organisations set up, migrate or upgrade SQL Servers to suit the specific needs of their operations and customers. Our consultants work closely with your IT team to ensure all requirement are met and legacy issues properly addressed as part of the consultancy engagement. All recommendations are inline with industry best-practices so you can be assured that your SQL server configurations have been implemented correctly.

Our SQL Server consultancy services are available in flexible block-of-hour packages with extended utilisation periods to suit your business’ requirements for the project delivery.


Remote SQL Server Support

Sometimes, even if you’re on top of your SQL Server maintenance and version upgrades, you can still experience poor database performance. Without the proper in-house technical specialists to monitor and review for such conditions, this can quickly develop into application performance issues that impact business productivity or worse yet, result in a critical failure and service outages.

Our remote SQL Server support services mitigate the risk of these types of server outages and downtimes and comprise of both proactive review and ongoing SQL server monitoring, leading to faster issue identification, incident response and implementation of performance tuning opportunities. Sign up for our remote support services, and you will gain all the benefits of having an in-house DBA specialist without the cost or down-times of a full-time employee.

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Ready to benefit from a faster, more responsive SQL Server? Do you have further enquiries about our flexible support plans? Whatever the need, don’t hesitate to contact DBA Services. We’re ready to boost your business’ productivity with proactive, scalable SQL Server database administration and support services. We typically respond within minutes.