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Comprehensive SQL Server Database Administration Services

Database Administrators for Infrastructure

Most Microsoft server infrastructures will often have qualified systems administrators who take care of the day-to-day maintenance of domain controllers, file servers and email. These infrastructures will include one or more SQL Servers that support business critical applications such as SAP, CRMs, Online Order systems, Document Management systems, Intranets and Business Intelligence toolsets.

In absence of specialist database administrators, these SQL environments are often incorrectly configured and poorly maintained, exposing the business to significant risks of dataloss, data corruption and suffering at the hands of slow application performance.

Our managed SQL service provides businesses with the same standards and systems of SQL Server management that are used by global banks, backed by database administrators with years of experience in the management of large scale enterprise SQL server infrastructures.

Database Administration for Development

Application and database developers can provide tremendous value in terms of business intelligence and software based automation of business processes. While skilled in programming technologies, developers will consider databases as a place to store data with little consideration on performance issues as the volume of data grows.

Our managed SQL services help application vendors and business owners who rely on custom built applications / databases to identify and address potentially costly performance problems before they become a significant impact on a business’ operations.

From performance tuning SQL Server through to advice on SQL Server infrastructure design, DBA Services has the industry experience, know-how and accreditation to provide the right solution to meet your requirements.


Pay Only for the Services You Need!

Access Certified Data Platform Specialists from as just $10 per day!

Our specialist DBAs offer a cost-effective alternative to in-house resourcing, with the peace of mind that your company’s data and business systems are managed by specialists.

Most businesses cannot justify employing a specialist database administrator, and often compromise by hiring systems administrators who know how to restore a database. This often leads to SQL Server misconfigurations that can hurt a business through slow performance and potentially costly outages.

  • Enjoy Great Performance from your SQL Databases
  • Specialist DBAs respond to SQL incidents and maintenance task failures
  • Leverage experience of DBAs who've looked after some of the largest SQL infrastructures in Australia
  • Proactive SQL managed services for more uptime and greater performance.

Identify risks in your SQL Server infrastructure before they become a costly outage to your business!

Our SQL Server Health checks comprehensively review your SQL Server infrastructure against industry best practices and provide you with a detailed report containing both our findings and recommendations. For our full health check service (vs instance only health checks) we also include a 48 hour performance baseline to help identify any potential infrastructure bottlenecks that could be impacting on your SQL Server’s performance.





Get the most out of your SQL Server investment through our Performance Tuning services.

SQL Server’s decay curve is not graceful, so it’s important to ensure that potential performance bottlenecks are identified and addressed before they start to impact on your business’ operations. Our performance tuning services review SQL Server’s critical performance metrics to identify any resource bottlenecks that may exist at the hardware layer, top wait conditions and expensive queries taking place within the environment as well as comprehensively review specific problem databases for missing indexes, over-indexing, index maintenance, locking conditions and much more!


Our virtual DBA service provides your business with fast response specialist SQL Server DBA support at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource.

DBA Services offers a range of cost effective Managed SQL Services specifically geared at providing businesses with the right level of support for any size of SQL Server infrastructure.  From our 2/hrs per month Core support through to our Platinum+ support plans, your business receives the same calibre of experience and support as offered to Banks and large commercial enterprise. Why put your business’ data and applications at risk when specialist support is so affordable!




Specialist Database Administrators monitoring and incident response for under $10 per day!

Having a full time DBA employed can cost your business upwards of $10K per month, which can be quite an expensive overhead for smaller businesses housing a conservative SQL environment. Through our On-Call DBA Service, your business will have Microsoft certified and experienced database administrators on hand to monitor your environment and respond to any incidents quickly, before these escalate to become a costly outage to your business.


Need SQL Server Help FAST?

DBA Services offers an emergency support service where you can quickly and easily purchase emergency response services. Purchased support provides your business with 2 hours support service which is escalated immediately to our on-call DBA any time, 24*7. You can expect a call from one of our DBAs from as quickly as 15minutes to help assist you with your SQL Server issue.


DBA Services

Professional SQL Server Database Administration Services, because we believe every business deserves to have a specialist DBA.

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