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[24*7 priority support. Under 1hr response time. 3 hours support included]

SQL Server Emergency Support Purchase Priority Support and Receive a call from a Specialist DBA within the hour!

SQL Server database infrastructure sits at the core of your business, supporting everything from business critical user applications through to high transaction volume online ordering systems. Whether you consider the hours in lost productivity of a company’s workforce, or the lost revenue from a defunct online sales system, whichever way you look at it, SQL Server outages are extremely costly to your business.

Previously only available to our managed SQL services clients, DBA Services now offers Emergency SQL Support to external customers through our online ordering system.

Our specialist on-call DBAs are available around the clock to respond to any emergency support requests. Once submitted, your order will be immediately escalated to our on-call paging system, with our DBAs on standby to respond to your call within the hour.

Help Is Just A Few Clicks Away!

Emergency Support Package. Guaranteed 1 Hour Response Time. 3 Hours Priority Support Included!



Our Emergency support services are available 24*7*365. If your SQL Servers are in trouble, help is just a few clicks away!



Emergency support requests are escalated immediately to our on-call DBAs, giving non-managed SQL Services clients access to specialist DBAs FAST!



Our SQL Server DBAs are industry accredited and bring over 18 year experience to help get your SQL Server issues identified and resolved quickly.


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