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SQL Server Database Monitoring & Support

Detect and respond to SQL Server issues before they have a costly impact on your business. Get our 24/7/365 real-time, agent-less SQL Server database monitoring! Fully Australian owned and operated.

24*7*365 SQL Server Monitoring And Incident Response Services We monitor and respond to incidents before they become a costly outage to your business

Our Microsoft SQL Server performance monitoring solutions provide for rapid identification of problem areas. For businesses struggling with SQL server performance issues, our team of specialists also has the knowledge and experience to track SQL-specific waits and performance counters such as disk throughput, processor queues, network utilisation and memory load levels to identify environment bottlenecks that can be impacting on performance. Internally to SQL Server we are also able to trace database performance issues such as expensive and long running queries and provide recommendations for optimisation to improve your application response times, which means less time spent waiting and more time spent being productive.

Coupled with our standard SQL Server monitoring systems and proactive environment reviews, we’ll keep your database infrastructure running smoothly and performing optimally, even as databases continue to grow in size and utilisation evolves to require additional indexing – we’ll capture and report on these requirements as they develop.

DBA Services’ monitoring and incident response service is your business’ insurance policy against costly SQL Server outages, with 24/7 monitoring and real-time incident escalation to our on-call DBAs who are available around the clock to quickly respond to any issues that arise.

DBA Services’ SQL Monitoring and SQL server performance management services are the complete solution for minimising unplanned outages while maximising application performance. Our systems ensure your SQL servers remain online longer, run faster and actively mitigate the risks of unplanned or extended service outages.

Start Monitoring Your SQL Servers Today!

Our monitoring and incident response services have saved our clients literally thousands of dollars in lost revenue and staff downtime. Integrating our monitoring takes only a few hours to get your business protected.

Our monitoring and incident response services let you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Agentless monitoring with seamless real-time integration with our in-house support and alerting infrastructure. Zero risk of application conflicts with any existing server monitoring solutions.

  • Ensure that SQL Server's native Alerting and Failure Notification systems are properly configured and responded to. Our internal support infrastructure and pager escalation system provide real-time triage and escalation of any priority support issues, ensuring rapid response to any SQL issues that may arise within your environment.

  • 24*7*365 On-Call DBAs Available to Respond to Incidents, giving you access to our experienced database administration team to help you address your technical support matters.

  • A Dedicated Priority Support Email for Immediate Escalation or any manual support requests through to our On-call DBAs

  • Database capacity planning, to assist with business decisions on whether to scale up or out - where DBs have outgrown tuning and optimisation options.

  • Reduced operating costs through more efficient allocation of spend for specialist technical resources

  • Enterprise-grade monitoring solutions available across all support levels, allowing for any size or complexity of organisation to access our support services, protect your business’ data and keep their servers fast and stable

  • Improved query performance, which translates to faster applications, better user experiences and increased productivity

Our goal at DBA Services is to help you improve the efficiency and performance of your business. With our SQL Server Monitoring and Incident Response services, we enable you to operate more cost effectively, streamline your technical support requirements and free you up to focus on doing what you do best, which is to work on your business! Scroll down to read what some of our customers have to say about our service.

For further enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to walk you through our solutions.



We track and respond to any SQL Server severity alerts including hardware and corruption notifications as well as security alerts



Monitoring and Investigation into failed SQL Server Agent tasks.



Specialist DBA support available 24*7 to respond to any priority SQL Server incidents.

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